Aura Napkin - Set of 2 - Terracotta



Casual yet bursting with color, these raw edged linen napkins elevates the art of dining with soft textures and vibrant hues.  Complete the set with matching placemats and table runner.

Each 16"x16" napkin is made from 100% Warsa Linen, hand dyed in our Brooklyn Studio using fiber reactive procion dyes, ensuring that the dye is bonded to the natural fibers and will not fade or bleed.  Finished with premium stitching for everyday wear.

Since each napkin is handmade, very slight variations in color and size will occur. 

Our Linen

We use heavyweight 100% European warsa linen for our pillow shams and table linens. Linen is stronger and more biodegradable than cotton. It’s also naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Linen resists dirt and stains better than any other natural fiber and it does not produce lint or pilling. It has a great natural texture and gets softer with age. The environmental advantages, durability, and character of linen make it our prefered fabric.

Our Dye

We use fiber reactive procion dyes.  These are the most permanent of all dye types. Unlike other dyes, fiber reactive dye actually forms a covalent bond with the cellulose protein (in our case, linen) molecule. Once the bond is formed, you have a single molecule as the dye molecule has become an actual part of the cellulose fiber molecule. And there’s your science lesson for the day! Because of this molecular bond, the colors won’t bleed or fade.

Made by Hand

All of our fabric cutting, dyeing, and sewing is done by hand. The finished products are true works of art, made with care, by human hands. As automation becomes evermore prevalent, we’re proud to keep true craftsmanship alive!