Our Story

- White Lodge Studio is a boutique home goods company based in Brooklyn, New York. -

Who We Are

We are a team of artists who believe in what we do and take pride in quality work. Hyper local, we make everything in our studio by hand, and work with other U.S. based companies to source our materials, delivering a limited-run of unique goods. In a fast-paced and disposable world, we’ve returned to a more methodical, and yes, slower, production process in order to deliver items that we hope will earn a permanent place in your home. 

With a background in decorative painting and surface finishing through our sister company, Seirup Design Studio, we’ve collaborated with some of the world’s leading interior designers for the past 20 years. Seirup Design was founded in order to bring our original designs to the public. With White Lodge Studio we hope to begin our next chapter of outfitting modern homes with timeless, handcrafted goods worth investing in.

Sara Mazdzer

Sara holds a BFA with an emphasis in sculpture from Pratt Institute and has over a decade of experience working in design. Sara’s skills as a sculptor, welder and painter have made her an invaluable asset to the unique design process of White Lodge Studio.

She has worked alongside Adam since 2014, becoming the Studio Director for Seirup Design Studio in 2019 as well as a Creative Director for White Lodge Studio. She enjoys rock climbing and ice carves up in her hometown of Saranac Lake, NY every winter.

Adam Seirup

Since graduating from Skidmore College with a degree in studio art, Adam has lived in New York City for over 20 years pursuing his passion for decorative painting, surface finishing and handcrafted home goods.

Adam launched Seirup Design Studio in 2019. Inspired equally by the beauty of the natural world and urban decay, the conversation cities have with the natural landscape around them, Adam started White Lodge Studio in order to share his designs with everyone. 

Adam currently resides in Brooklyn with his wife, Trinity, daughter, Connor and dog, Finnegan. He commutes to the studio in 15 minutes by bike.

How We Do It

It starts with a sketch. Or maybe a color. Or a really neat collaborator. No matter where it begins our production process always involves collaboration, experimentation, the right amount of failure, and a commitment to quality.  

Where We Do It

Our studio in Brooklyn is a large open space designed for collaboration. Seirup and White Lodge are in constant conversation with each other, sharing techniques, solving problems, and swapping ideas. The mistakes we make in the studio often lead to our most creative moments and striking results.